Cool or cold? What is the best temperature for the desserts?

Cool.  The flavors and textures of our desserts are best 10 minutes out of the fridge.

Defrosting - How long do the desserts take to thaw?

The desserts should be defrosted in the fridge for a minimum of four hours.

Gluten-free - Are your desserts gluten-free?

Of the four desserts we currently make only the Chocolate Raspberry is gluten-free.

Organic - Are your desserts made with organic ingredients?

All ingredients are of the highest quality, sourced locally where possible, and made without preservatives but they are not organic.

Kosher - Are your desserts kosher?

We aim to be certified in the future.

Dairy-free - Are your desserts dairy-free?

We’re very dairy.

rBGH/Hormones - Are your dairy ingredients hormone-free?

All dairy ingredients we use are certified to be hormone-free by the dairy producers we use.

GMO-free - Are your desserts GMO-free?

Sweeteners we add to our desserts are made from non-GMO crops.

Storing the desserts - How long can they be kept?

Our desserts will keep in your freezer for three months and, once defrosted, for 21 days.  Do not re-freeze a defrosted dessert. (Desserts won’t defrost on a normal trip home from the supermarket.)

Ramekin/Little Glass Dish - Re-use?

The dishes are perfect for all sorts of household uses.  They’re great for  mini-soufflés, custards, shirred eggs, storing condiments and more.  They make sweet votives giving a very nice “starlight” effect.  And, of course, they’re a natural for storing spare change, paper clips, etc….  While not unbreakable, they are quite sturdy.

Ramekin/Little Glass Dish - Recycle?

Glass, especially clear glass, is highly recyclable and is recycled well by consumers.  In fact the glass in these dishes is probably made from more than 40% recycled content which reduces both raw material demands and energy demands (as the recycled glass melts at much lower temperatures than the raw materials).

Ramekin/Little Glass Dish - Are they dishwasher safe?


Ramekin/Little Glass Dish - Are they oven-safe?

Yes.  They’re perfect for mini-soufflés, custards, shirred eggs, etc….

Ramekin/Little Glass Dish - Are they broiler/blowtorch safe?

If you’d like to make crème brulée in the ramekins a home oven broiler is fine but a blowtorch will crack the glass.

Ramekin/Little Glass Dish - Are they microwave safe?

No, they are not microwave safe.